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Herbon 6 Benefits of Using a Natural Shampoo for Your Dog

Under all the fur and hair, your dog has sensitive skin that needs regular care, cleaning, and brushing. The quality of your pet’s bathing products is as essential for its overall wellbeing as the quality of food it eats.

Therefore, it’s crucial to check whether the dog shampoo you’re bathing it with is natural or full of harmful synthetic chemicals such as sulfate and parabens. Natural dog shampoos use organic, environment-friendly ingredients and strictly prohibit the use of hazardous substances. 

Here, we discuss six benefits of using natural dog shampoo, so you make a more conscious choice the next time you’re shopping for your canine. 

Benefits of using a natural dog shampoo

  1. Reduces risk of allergic reactions:  Your dog’s skin is prone to allergies and rashes much like yours. Shampoos laced with synthetic ingredients and chemicals often cause allergic reactions. They are also harsh on your pet’s eyes and other sensitive areas. Natural dog shampoos reduce such risks to a bare minimum.
  1. Uses essential oils: Unlike their synthetic alternatives, natural shampoos use herbal oils such as lavender and rose for aroma. Apart from being safe, these smells also have a soothing effect on your dog compared to other artificial fragrances that can sometimes be too severe for your pet. 
  1. Environment-friendly: Natural dog shampoos use organic ingredients in sync with the environment, ensuring inclusive harmony of all elements. Meanwhile, their chemical counterparts use ingredients that are harmful not only for your dog but are also significant soil and water pollutants.
  1. Safe for you: The bathing products you use for your dog must be safe for you, too. Since natural dog shampoos are gentle, they won’t irritate your skin or cause other dermal issues such as allergies, rashes, and itching, which are common side effects of chemical shampoos. 
  1. Repels insects: Some natural ingredients like neem leaves and tea tree oil can help repel insects and ticks. Herbal shampoos made with such ingredients protect your dog from insects and other related issues.
  1. Great for your dog’s coat: Harsh chemicals not only irritates the skin but can make your furry friend’s coat dry and dull. Meanwhile, natural shampoos have nutrient-rich ingredients that will keep your dog’s fur soft and glossy each time you bathe it.

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