The Most User Friendly Product in Australia
Herbon The Most User Friendly Product in Australia

Not only is the environment being polluted, but households too, according to industrial chemists.

They say pollution is caused by most household cleanign products which contain petro-chemicals and animal ingredients. According to a medical journal published in Oregon, USA, the average home has indoor pollution five times higher than a typical industrial environment.

David Bendel, a spokesperson for Herbon products, free cleaning products, confirmed this. Said Australians use different products for dishes, laundry, windows, the floor and the oven.

When you combine all the different chemical emissions from the products, pollution is high. Henry Kirschner, a Melbourne based industrial chemist, has developed a new range of products called Herbon made from 100 per cent natural ingredients whihc bio-degrade within 21 days and are non-allergenic.

Herbon is the result of eight years of research by level medidal experts in the environmental medicine.

Mr Kirschner boats it is the most user friendly allergy product in Australia as it does not contain chemicals like terpenes, phenols, chlorine, organic mecurials, balsams, aluminium complexes, chloroflourocarbons, formaldehyde or solvents.

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Herbon Pty Ltd is recognised as being a leader in producing environmentally preferable home and personal care products market.