Congratualtions on a Great Product All Round

“I would just like to say congratulations on your wonderful new cleaning products. I am currently using your dishwashing liquid (which is marvellous) to clean my bathrooms as well and the result is just as good as other non environmentally safe products. I am also using the Herbon Oil of eucalyptus washing powder and I have found that it takes all the stains i have to deal with (mostly coffee & food) out in the wash with no pre wash preparation at all & leaves the clothes smelling absolutely lovely. CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT PRODUCT ALL ROUND.”

Yours sincerely

Herbon Dishwashing Liquid & Soap Powder

“I have purchased two of your products last month – Herbon dishwashing liquid and Herbon soap powder which i found excellent, both for sensitive skin and our septic sewerage system which is working very well at the moment due I’m sure to your products.”

Yours truly,

Environmentally Safe!

“May I congratulate on your dishwashing liquid which is environmentally safe.”

Yours Sincerely

Genuinely Environmentally Products!

“We have recently started using Herbon products and find them excellent. Such wide availability of Herbon products through chemists and health food stores would seem to be an ideal opportunity to introduce refillable containers for all your products. This surely would be the next step in the production of genuinely environmentally – sound products.”

Yours faithfully,

Baby Soap

“While I was in Australia, I came across “Herbon” and I was in particular fond of your baby soap. Now I’m back in Denmark and I haven’t found a soap as good as yours, which I used for basically everything, even my hair and now if it is I would like to know can I buy any of your products by mail order or any other way? I pray it is possible.”

Yours sincerely

Herbon Oil of Eucalyptus Soap Powder

“I would like to congratulate you on the Herbon Oil of Eucalyptus Soap Powder you produce. I have eczema and have suffered from it since I was three. This is the first soap powder that has not irritated my skin and so I was able to narrow down where the irritation originated from. I have only been able to buy a 1kg container of the powder and the liquid is only available in a small container and I was wondering if it was possible to purchase the powder and in a larger quantity.”

Herbon Laundry Powder

“We have used your laundry powder for several years and have been delighted with its effectiveness. Did you also know that it is absolutely fabulous at removing built up fat from the side of your cooker you cannot quiet reach to clean. A preliminary wipe over with the laundry powder in about 50 deg C water primes it for the next wipe over that removes most of the build up. The remaining spots do not require too much elbow grease to remove. I also soak the grille from the kitchen fan in the solution and it just lifts the accumulated dust and fat, needing a rinse only. Have you considered this use in commercial kitchens to get away from using corrosive caustic soda?”

Herbon 5L Laundry Liquid

“Hi there, I buy your 5L Laundry Liquid, and was washing the other day when it occured to me that I have been using Herbon laundry liquid for 20 years! I am severely allergic to many things, and Herbon is the only product I can use. I order it in from my local health food shop. I realised I have never said ‘thank you’ for your wonderful product. I wish you all the success you deserve for making everyday living possible for so many people”