Laundry Washing Powder 5kgLaundry Washing Powder 5kg

Laundry Washing Powder 5kg


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Herbon Laundry Washing Powder 5kg has been scientifically formulated using only carefully selected botanical, herbal and mineral ingredients to protect the environment and provide the user with a safe medically tested alternative. Herbon Laundry Washing Powder is a fine biodegradable powder which dissolves totally in hot or cold water and contains double-distilled Oil of Eucalyptus which leaves your wash smelling fresh and clean.

Our laundry washing powder work effectively on your clothes without harming the environment. For heavily soiled clothes, use in conjunction with Herbon Prewash Stain Remover.

INGREDIENTS: Soda Ash (mineral), Sodium Bicarbonate (mineral), Zeolite (mineral), Phosphate (mineral), Coconut Ethanolamine, Hydrogen peroxide (a bleach), Eucalyptus oil, purified water.

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